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Rainbow Serpent Dreaming Collection

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We've listened to your request and now we are proudly launching our Rainbow Serpent Dreaming Signature Aromatherapy Oils in 15ml size bottles with blends we use in our products.

These essential oils will be added to our Winter Wellness range. 


We have 7 Signature Aromatherapy Oils Available 🌟

*Gamilarray Dreaming - uplifting at the same is great for calming soothing aids sleep great for meditation 

*Dreamtime - Calming relaxation, soothing meditation & sleep Anise  mytrle peppermint gum Buddah wood lemon myrtle 


*Lemon Myrtle - excellent for colds & flu and coughs & mental clarity

*Kunzea - instant for breath & lungs

*Fresh - sleep well breathe with ease Eucalyptus &Lemon Myrtle 

*Focus -  aides concentration and clarity great for HSC studies 

*Sacral - energising, grounding releasing blocked energies, mental fatigue & anti-asthmatic properties PMS menopause  Womens Business

Lemon Tea Tree Peppermint gum Blue cypress


Come on a Pure Dreamtime experience and let our medicine flow through your bodies soul and home this winter

As we see our ground is wet and the sun is warm and the pollution that covers the sky mould is growing already and the FLU season is alive 🦠

The safest way to keep your family well this winter is try our Bush medicine remedies.

You'll be pleasantly surprised with the holistic wellness this brings.


you can:

~ add drops to the bath

~ use as a cleaning aide

~ carpet or anywhere you like 

Create your own blend by using any of our balms or oil as a carrier. Add 2 drops to make a perfume or aide muscle pain if don't have the Bush Oil or Bush Rub Balm

# We use the finest quality of Oils to deliver the best 

using  less then most as we dont need as much 🤲🏾

 #Not suitable for under 2 years on skin

Rainbow Serpent Dreaming Collection
Rainbow Serpent Dreaming Collection

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