Happy Mother’s Day

Our Story

"The sharing of learnings and gifts our Mother Earth provides, through our lands, waters, plants and sky, provided the essence to all of the products created by Baagi Milaygiin"


These products stem from the beauty, truth and healing knowledge of a strong ancestral line. We acknowledge and pay respects to Deb's Mother, Nana Leslie a proud Gomeroi women and Nana Smith a proud Dhurag women. They’ve passed down the healing knowledge to Deb Munson and her three daughters, who brought Baagi Milaygiin to life.

Using native plants known for their healing properties, these products have been adapted into modern day spa treatments while still encompassing the rich history and beneficial healing powers of these amazing ingredients. We harvest from our selection of native trees and created Bush Oil, Macadamia oil, Gumbi Gumbi, Kunzea & Emu Bush. Find our products at Trading Blak, Jarrin Street, Discovery Centre Baradine Warrumbungles, NAIDOC Sydney, Product Knowledge, Demonstration and Information available.

"We harvest from our selection of native trees and created Bush Oil, Macadamia oil, Gumbi Gumbi, Kunzea & Emu Bush"

Our product ingredients include: Lemon Myrtle, Pink Clay, White Clay, Gumbi Gumbi, Kunzea Oil, Emu Bush Oil, Sandalwood, Blue Cypress, Rosalina


Deb Munson is a proud Gomeroi woman from Coonabarabran. Living in the mid-north coast of Port Macquarie. Deb has extensive experience working with our sisters in wellbeing and have frequently been called upon by community to deliver workshops for our youth. Where we target self-esteem, coming into womanhood, and standing in your power as a woman. Including workshops at TAFE, jail, juvenile detention and NAIDOC gatherings. 

Deb first started in in the hair and beauty industry, where she has over 38 years’ experience. Her first two business were hair salons, founded with the help of the IBA, Deb’s Shearing Shed in Coonabarabran in the 90’s and Inspirations Hair Studio in Geurie in the 2000’s. With the success of these two businesses, she was able to dedicate time to her real passion of creating beauty products as well as providing beauty and hair services. With the guidance from start-up workshops, Baagi Milaygiin started in 2009.