Healing & Wellbeing Services

By Deb Munson

Providing a range of natural healing services for wholistic health & wellness approaches for individuals & groups. Offering 1-2 hour sessions to help guide, relax, unwind & realign. Our spiritual based practices are used to benefit the mind body & soul.

Using a combination of ancient healing techniques & remedies that have been passed down through generations. The sessions consist of a relaxing rebalance using a combination of carefully selected products from the Baagi Milaygiin - Grandmothers Spirit skincare range. Custom oil blends can be created for your own requirements.

  • Smoke Cleansing Rituals
  • Crystal Balance Techniques
  • Healing Sessions for Children
  • Aged Care Workshops
    Our products are also available to be tried & tested after the healing service.
    Contact for bookings via email or phone: 
      0417 224 267