Our Story

Baagi Milaygiin is a range of naturally made Aboriginal Bush Beauty products created by Deb Munson & inspired by her Grandmothers Spirits. These products stem from the beauty, truth and healing knowledge of a strong ancestral line. We acknowledge and pay respects to Deb's Mother, Nana Leslie a proud Gomeroi women and Nana Smith a proud Dhurag women.

We are a proudly owned & operated Aboriginal brand creating ethically made, sustainable products from a range of native Australian ingredients. We incorporate our products into modern ways for spa treatments as well as for their healing properties and therapeutic benefits. These products are beautifully created to make you feel nourished, nurtured and pampered.

Find our products at Trading Blak, Jarrin Street, Discovery Centre Baradine Warrumbungles and NAIDOC Sydney. 


Deb Munson is a proud Gomeroi woman from Coonabarabran. Living in the Mid-North coast on Birapai country near Port Macquarie.

Deb has extensive experience working with our sisters in wellbeing and has frequently been called upon by community to deliver workshops for youth targeting self-esteem, coming into womanhood, and standing in your power as a woman. Some of the settings include workshops at TAFE, jail, juvenile detention and NAIDOC gatherings. 

Deb first started in in the hair and beauty industry, where she has over 38 years’ experience. Over the years she has owned & operated two successful hair salons and during the past five years has dedicated herself to her new found passion making this beautiful range of bush beauty products.

As well as offering wellbeing workshops Deb also works alongside community groups which focus on promoting awareness in regards to mental health within workplaces. Baagi Milaygiin products are a valuable addition to this practical knowledge.