Happy Mother’s Day

Day Spa Party Packages

We have put together something special for our loved ones to get together and share some self care and pamper memories. Reconnect with each other as times have been tough and share the love 💕 The aromas and the connection to our culture instantly flows and Acknowledgement to the Country this arrives on will open up more magic.


Host yourself a party 🎉 have fun with the Sista’s Aunty’s Nans and yes The Divas 💖

  • culture camps
  • hens nights
  • reconnect from COVID 19
  • baby showers
  • girls weekends
  • girls holidays
  • teenage parties or just a pamper party

Packs Start at 6 people on ordering you’ll add numbers so we can fill to suit your needs. Step by step instructions are included or do your own thing.

Everything you need is included (expect tablecloth tissues or wipes). New Fun Ways to Connect to our Culture and Create more Magical Memories in a modern and affordable way Deb x👣💫♥️