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Bubbles & Spa

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Organic Bubble Bath & Native Spa Salts have been paired together for this luscious pack. 

This selected pack makes the perfect gift set to relax, rejuvenate & unwind.

Bubble bath ingredients include: 125ml Bubble Bath & 150g Native Spa Salts 

 Emu Bush Oil 

Antibacterial great for sores /cuts  as well as fast repair* A great anti inflammatory cooling *Antifungal(great foot soak)

Blue Cypress :

*Calming *Emotional Stress *Great for shingles *Cold Sore *Grounding *Anti inflammatory *Anti bacterial and wounds /sores

Honey Myrtle:

*Calms Noisy Children Relaxing *Calming *Stress relief *Soothes Hypertension *Great for Mental Stress *Great for Focus and Studying Time

Our  Native Spa Salts  are suitable for foot or hand spa as well as for the Bath.

Using Australian Bath Salts and our famous Bush Oil with the actual leaves from the processing of the Bush Oil we have infused it with native Buddah wood, White cypress leaf and bark and Lemon scented gum as well as organic rose buds and calendula flowers. 

Bubbles & Spa
Bubbles & Spa
Bubbles & Spa

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