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Bush Medicine Wellness Packs

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We have put together a Medicine Pack that My Mum  "Aunty Betty / GG" had to to help through her journey to the Dreamtime .

The Medicine products are rapid healing skin ,instant for breathe,calming ,soothing 


All sense are activated by the aroma tone texture and scent 

Makes an awesome gift for your loved ones especially in a nursing home it will give them memories of connection to the land 

7 Products lol Mums favourite number 

*Bush Oil

Instant pain relief .Restores your skins moisture balance with replenishing healing oils. 

Gumbi Gumbi,Kunzea & Emu Bush for their high levels of antioxidants & healing properties. 

Used for bacterial problems on skin & also has antibiotic properties.  

*Bush Rub Balm 

Rapid soothing aches and pains CRAMPS

-Great for dermatitis and eczema 

-instantly soothes SUNBURN N BURNS ( if too burnt spray our famous After Sun Spray 🙌🏾awesome duo 

-Gentle on the skin

- Rapid repair 

- Relieves cramps instantly  

- rash 

- scars 

- lip balm 

- mozzie repellant 

- bites cuts & abrasions 

Skin Panadol

*Native Salts 

We have put together a decongestant, detoxifying,  

and relaxing Native Spa Salts which are suitable for foot or hand spa . 

- If you have cold or unwell this is for you.

- Draws our aches and n pains and is a decongestion 

*Native Oil Rollers

-Rub on hands and apply under arms and feet the medicine is rapid absorption aiding in rapid recovery
-Great for anxiety and stress by rubbing on finger tips and applying around your nostril
-Children for stress and restlessness
-A great perfume
-opens up your airways

*Soothing Balm

This Soothing Balm has been developed to assist with any aches, pains or itchy skin , enhance hair curl and great beard balm 

It has a number of natural healing qualities especially wellbeing attributes clarity soothing  

A great breathe easy vapour rub. 

Apply Soothing Balm under your arms and under your feet chest neck and back for instant soothing and Breathe Ease 🙌🏾

Lip Balm

A natural lip balm made  with Australian Macadamia Oil to help restore & protect your skin 

and cuticles & heal the skin of cuts etc great for clod sore.

Rapid repair and a instantly soothing

After Sun Spray

The After Sun Spray has been developed to help sooth the skin with its calming ingredients. 

This product helps to alleviate the skin from bites sunburn, rashes or itches and also settles nausea 

and migraines   

Kunzea Oil Roller

Fresh Oil Roller




Green Medicine Bag to carry 


Bush Medicine Wellness Packs
Bush Medicine Wellness Packs
Bush Medicine Wellness Packs
Bush Medicine Wellness Packs
Bush Medicine Wellness Packs

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