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Bush Oil

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For RAPID Deep muscle pain and relief  

 Skin Panadol Rapid Absorption 

Bush Oil is fresh as we grow and harvest here on our property every 6 weeks Beautifully blended Bush Oil with natural oils including Australian Macadamia Cosmetic Grade.

Instant pain relief .Restores your skins moisture balance with replenishing healing oils.  Gumbi Gumbi, Kunzea & Emu Bush for their high levels of antioxidants & healing properties. Used for bacterial problems on skin & also has antibiotic properties.  

Our products we are very proud of that have our Bush Oil in them

🌀Bush Oil Bush
🌀Rub Balm Traditional
🌀Australian Pink Ochre Clay Mask
🌀Bush Oil Roller

🌱bush medicine calming
🌱rapid pain relief

🌱skin repair
🌱face serum
🌱natural earthy aroma clears mind and energy
🌱grown harvested and manufactured here

🌱nappy rash







🌱 deep aches and pains 

🌱night serum  

🌱cold shoulder


🌱assists in bring milk down for mums

🌱awesome rubbed on ankles during labour

🌱rub on clean feet for overall wellness and clarity 

great for bub as they arrive earth side and placenta still attached rubbing on feet of both mum n bub 

Great for eczema dermatologist problem skin yet gentle for bubs

 Rapid skin and muscle repair 

An all rounder product that is my 1st aid kit ♥️🎉


Also available in 5ml Roller Oil 

The bush oil is grown harvested and manufactured on our little farm


Please note 1-2 drops is plenty 

use accordingly 

aches and pain 2-4 hours if you need as it is the Best 🙌🏾

Bush Oil
Bush Oil
Bush Oil
Bush Oil
Bush Oil

Care Routine



Reduces free radicals formed in the body and skin.

*Emu Bush is great for eczema dermatitis psoriasis any skin ailments & is an antibiotic.

*Gumbi Gumbi is high in vitamin C a great antioxidant for youthful skin. Great used on sunspots and for pain relief.

*Kunzea is an anti inflammatory soothing calming great for skin balance great for a muscular pain & rapid pain relief.


Emu Bush, Kunzea, Gumbi Gumbi infused in Macadamia Oil


Apply 2 drops of oil for a face serum. For other areas rub between fingers & apply.

Please note 1-2 drops is plenty use accordingly.
For aches and pain apply every 2-4 hours.