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Manuka Oil (Jelly Bush)

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Manuka Oil is super light & perfect used as a face Serum. 

Manuka Bush or Jelly Bush as we know as is from the tea tree family. 
It is an antibacterial, antihistamine & antifungal which is soothing on the skin and protects and balances.  Also good for mozzy & insect bites.

We grow, harvest, process & bottle for you to experience this Light Serum and skin repair. 

Our Manuka Serum is very light and for rapid absorption and contains lots of great attributes.

A few drops goes a long way

🤲🏾Try some today



Manuka Oil (Jelly Bush)
Manuka Oil (Jelly Bush)
Manuka Oil (Jelly Bush)

Care Routine


Our Manuka Serum is very light & used for rapid absorption. Contains lots of great attributes:
Anti fungal, 
Anti ageing
, Anti-oxidant
, Anti-Bacterial
 & Anti-viral, Anti-microbial.
Great used on cole sores.


Jelly Bush / Manuka Bush infused in Macadamia Oil.


Apply a small amount of oil and gently massage into skin.