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Manuka Oil Gift Set

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Gua Sha

This  amazing thoughtful pack is a awesome gift for a love one to

With  rapid absorption, Manuka Oil with the Gua Sha for a  mind body Soul clarity and experience , grounding,but calming . Manuka Oil is super light and rapid absorption comes in a nice heart labelled  bag  

✨Manuka Bush or Jelly Bush as we know as is from the tea tree family. 
It is an antibacterial, antihistamine & antifungal which is soothing on the skin and protects and balances.  Also good for mozzy & insect bites.

We grow, harvest, process & bottle for you to experience this Light Serum and skin repair. 

Our Manuka Serum is very light and for rapid absorption and contains lots of great attributes.

A few drops goes a long way

🤲🏾Try some today


✨Gua Sha is used to gently scrape/massage using our Manuka Oil , removing your toxins under your skin and any muscle soreness .Stimulating the blood flow, adding a glow to your face /skin 

Store your GuaSha in the fridge for maxium benefits especially on Rosacea with our Manuka Oil instant cooling calming and relaxing 

You can use all over your body 

Pink Rose Quartz is for the heart "love"stone for self  love and used on  the Heart Charaka 

Sodalite is for detox mental clarity aid confidence supports natural intuition very calming and relaxing 

Manuka Oil Gift Set
Manuka Oil Gift Set
Manuka Oil Gift Set

Care Routine


Reduces puffiness promotes anti aging rebuilds collegen helps the lymphatic drainage blood flow leaves a glow younger and firmer feels


Home harvested Manuka Oil
Crystal Gua Sha


Simply add to your skincare routine
After using our Lemon Myrtle & Emu Bush or Gamilaraay cleanser ,Add a few drops of Manuka oil to the Gua Sha and pull/scrape or massage into face on a 45C angle and upwards to help the lymphatic flow

5mins per day evening

cleanse and store in container in the fridge