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Spa Bath Detox Pack

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Detox your winter skin with an awesome soak in our Native Spa Salts .Relax unwind in our soothing Native medicines softens your skin ,detoxifies any impurities under your skin .After soaking for 20mins +          

 Then gently exfoliate your skin with our Magik glove this leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth .Rinse off in a shower or the bath .

NB Please take some water with you in your bath to keep hydrated and have someone check on you as this is very relaxing 

When you have cooled down and massage our Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser in 


Wow what an awesome way to finish your day or weekend 💖


What an amazing deal for your S E L F  C A R E 🤲🏾♥️ 


 *150g Native Spa Salts

relaxing soothing takes the last of the cough away 

*125g Calming Bubble Bath  deeply soothing relaxs unwind with Emu Bush Blue Cypress Honey Myrtle 

*Magik Glove 

exfoliate all the dry and dead skin easy after soaking in our soothing Bubble Bath and Native Spa Salts 

*50g Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser 

for fresh feels straight after the deep detoxifying Native Spa  Bath .A small amount goes along way 


The whole family will love this ♥️


Awesome Gift 


Fresh Feeling ♥️🌟




Spa Bath Detox Pack
Spa Bath Detox Pack
Spa Bath Detox Pack
Spa Bath Detox Pack
Spa Bath Detox Pack
Spa Bath Detox Pack

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