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Bush Rub Balm

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Mini Bush rub Balm

The secret's out

Our Famous Bush Rub Balm we cant keep it on our shelf as it is the best you'lle ever try 

it is  Instant 🙌🏾

Bush Rub Balm uses a unique combination of natural ingredients including Emu Bush infused in Macadamia Oil.

Grown nutured and harvested here on our farm 

- Rapid soothing aches and pains

-Great for dermatitis and eczema 

-instantly soothes SUNBURN N BURNS ( if too burnt spray our famous After Sun Spray  🙌🏾awesome duo 

-Gentle on the skin

- Rapid repair 

- Relieves cramps instantly  

- Great Beard  Balm and for keeping fresh from environmental stresses 

-repairing night cream 10x the antioxidants Vitamin C

- micro blading after care 

- tattoos

- nappy rash 

- scars 

- lip balm 

- mozzie repellant 

- bites cuts & abrasions 

Skin Panadol 🎉

For everything🙌🏾


thank me later 🥳

30g  50g 100g

Made from 100% Australian natural ingredients.


Bush Rub Balm
Bush Rub Balm
Bush Rub Balm

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