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My 60th Birthday Favz

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Yaama Guys celebrate my 60th birthday with  some of our awesome favz

I love to run a deep, warm bubble bath sprinkle our beautiful native salts.

The Aroma from the steep  bubble bath is instantly clearing and therapeutic as must try OMG 🙌🏾

Let it steep while it's steeping apply  our Pink Ochre  Mask

Slip into the  bubble bath relax. Enjoy float away. Once you finished, you may want to have a quick rinse under the shower

Apply  our beautiful Lemon Scented gum & Quandong moisturiser for that beautiful Spa  feeling that calming soothing & relaxed  feeling

Comes with this set  Free cosmetic bag


*Organic Bubble Bath

*Native Spa Salts have

*Lemon Scented Gum and Quandong Moisturiser

*The  Australian Pink Ochre Clay +headband

*Free organic cosmetic bag *



I Thank you so much for your support. Hope you enjoy my 60th Birthday choice 💎🎉🥳


$88 this week only

My 60th Birthday Favz
My 60th Birthday Favz

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